We offer our skirting in a black, 7-OZ, non-woven geotextile fabric. has a 160lb tear strength, is durable, looks of black felt, repells water,wind. this skirting hangs very nicely,The fabric is pleated on the top edge, grommeted with brass #2 grommets which hang nicely on the  2-1/2" suction cup hooks. Also we offer a skirt holding system for the bottom of your skirt. its not required but highly recomended as it keeps the fabric from blowing and holds the seperate pieces togeather. uses 1/2in. pvc pipe which you perchase localy and we sell the fabric clips. easily set up and taken down just like the skirting is. can be stored right in your rv storage area,

the pvc clips also clamp over the slide edges which clamp over the fabric onto the slide.

Also included is velcro's for any spots u may need extra support.

An instruction manual and dvd is also included with tips that are useful.